Western Advising
We believe that advising is teaching.

Western Advising

At Western Wyoming Community College, we believe that advising is teaching.

Our academic advisors strive to empower students with the necessary information that will help them reach their academic and career goals. Academic advisors assist students in clarifying institutional policies and procedures, refer students to resources available on campus, and help keep an eye on academic progress and standing for their advisees.

All full-time and part-time degree-seeking students are assigned an academic advisor. Students are highly encouraged to make an appointment with their academic advisor PRIOR to registering for the upcoming semester. Students are also encouraged to meet with their academic advisors throughout the semester. By attending regular meetings with an academic advisor, students will gain valuable insight in identifying their academic and career goals and creating a plan to accomplish those goals.

It is extremely important for students understand that although academic advisors are a valuable resource on campus, it is still the responsibility of the student to make decisions and be actively responsible for their academic career.

Below are a few tips on how students can more from their advising appointments:

  • Understand requirements and prerequisite courses
  • Come prepared with ideas, courses to take, and questions
  • Take initiative to schedule appointments
  • Inform your advisor immediately if there is a serious academic issue
  • Be mindful of your advisor's schedule by showing up on time for appointments